dinsdag 19 november 2013

E-mail uit Gambia

Leuk hé, een e-mail uit Gambia om juffrouw Ooievaar te bedanken voor haar support. Van de voorzitter van Stichting Robin Hood wist ik al dat ik een e-mail zou krijgen.
De e-mail kon alleen pas verstuurd worden als de stroom weer sterk genoeg was. Daar kunnen wij ons toch niets bij voorstellen!!

From: Alieu Badara Sawyerr
Sent: Monday, November 18, 2013 7:59 PM
Subject: A thanking letter to Annita, for supporting our football Academy in Bansang.

Dear Annita,
It gives us a great joy to write you this letter, thanking you for the support you are giving us. We have seen the money which you send for us again through Robin Hood foundation. Your  support for the academy has now bring a strong partnership between the school and the football academy, they help the school in any work the school ask them to do, mainly cleaning the school area. among others.
We are proud of you and Klaartje for your efforts to develop our community by supporting education and sport, which are vital in human life. In that we will always remember you for your good did;
Once again, on my own behalf as the head master of the school with the students and on behalf of Sunkary the coach 0f the academy and the members of the academy  are saying thank you very much, May God the almighty give you long, happiness, good health and more success in what you are doing for your self and for the poor and needy.                        
 Thanks  yours

Faithfully and partner in development,
Alieu Badara Sawyerr and Sunkary Krubally

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  1. Wauw wat een mooie email! En je maakt niet alleen de mensen in Gambia blij, maar ook de baby's en kinderen in Nederland met al die schattige slofjes en leuke knuffeltjes! Ga zo door! Liefs Anneke



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